Friday, December 1, 2006

63 The American Volksgeist

What can be said, of such the greater men
Who, faced with fear, our nation did begin!
We ever seek to speak their praise again,
For they despised both tyranny and sin!
And yet to we ourselves we never look,
To see what we uphold, a freedom vast!
‘Tis far beyond our thought, what slav’ry took,
And ever in our minds, “let freedom last!”
Together for this freedom we must fight,
For it entails a liberty to all!
While some will say, “To free them we’ve no might,”
We ever strive to rise up slav’ry’s fall!
‘Tis said this land belongs unto the Brave,
T’was build and stands, true liberty to save!
© Jerusalemrising
Written May 1, 2006

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