Tuesday, December 26, 2006

124 Thus Spake Zarathustra

The time is yet to come when man is great,
And what he shall become none here can say,
For man is young, in this his great debate,
The glories sung are ever few today.
For happiness, mankind is ever numb,
Magnificence is seldom on his lips,
The fruits of wisdom’s gold appeal to some,
The seekers grow too old, potential drips.
In end the treasured bliss is too content,
The purposed one dismisses self pursuit,
But wisdom stays, it is man’s best intent,
All else decays, but wisdom isn’t moot.
The superman, as Zarathustra spoke,
His time began as wisdom’s silence broke.
© Jerusalemrising
Written December 26, 2006

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james said...

Duuuuude....how the hecks are you so brilliant? God has given you a talent I believe; so use it to set men free :D. ha ha. Sorry I tried to ryhme. But seriously, you are brilliant. Well done Tyler.