Sunday, December 10, 2006

114 The Mockery

Awake, ye slumb’ring spirits of the night!
Awake, ye little dove, your lord returns!
Awake, and see the beauty in the light,
Ignite the soul, until your passion burns!
By never-ending slumber were you caught,
The wicked silence of the modern soul,
With foolish merriment you once were bought,
Your spirit, to be lively, was made cold.
May vivid light of beauty shine again!
May bliss of heart and soul be shown in flesh,
Contrast the horrid mockery of sin,
And shine the light of love as from the creche!
Oh truer love, true sensuality,
True beauty shine, and mock the mockery!
© Jerusalemrising (Tyler O’Neil)
Written December 10, 2006


Sonnet Boy said...

Hi, JR--I've been looking over your sonnets, and enjoying them. Obviously you and I are pursuing different styles, as you're emulating the Renaissance diction and meter, while I'm mostly trying to use more modern speech patterns, but as the kids say, "It's all good." :)

I like this one quite a bit--the call to resurrection and new life is reminiscent of Gerard Manley Hopkins, in a way. I also like the contrast in the line "Your spirit, to be lively, was made cold."

"Cresh" threw me though--did you mean "creche"? A simple typo, I'm sure. ;)

Jerusalemrising said...

Thanks, and you're right about my style, perhaps archaic, but I confess I'm very conservative on many grounds, and think poetry best in the old style. But your sonnets are very good, and I'm opening to the idea of modern structure to work well also.
I don't know about Gerard Hopkins, but thanks for the linking...
Thanks for the critique on creche, and thanks in general