Wednesday, November 29, 2006

32 The Kingdom of the Mind

The silent bell doth ring at end of day,
A sound so dark, and yet so light I hear,
As my false wish to work does fade away,
And inspiration sweet doth now draw near.
A slight concoction puts my mind at ease,
I end my work, and in my solace find
A true respite from all this world, a peace,
The silent hour, Kingdom of the Mind.
A newer urge, to write, my deep thought brings,
A sweetness lies within my pencil’s lead
A beautiful escape from mindless things
The truest self dictates inside my head.
And soon, in sweeter silence will I sleep,
‘Til then I relish contemplation deep.
© Jerusalemrising
Written March 27, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

107 The Temporal Enigma

A spectral form, not simple or complex,
A raging storm and yet a silent sea,
The medium sustained, all things connects,
Its nature not attained, none ere shall see.
In cycles it repeats the changing tide,
A rhythm’s living beats yet all distinct,
As winter wind across the glen does glide,
And summer, pined, with present now is linked.
The constant known to all is truly change,
This contrast shown from moment to the next.
A tapestry results from constant change,
Connection thus results in minds perplexed.
The ghastly form of time will never cease
Dynamic, linking rhyme holds naught of peace.
© Jerusalemrising
Written November 27,2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

26 The Journey

All wish to travel far and wide,
Yet many close to home remain,
To venture out, some nere decide,
Yet from this journey, none refrain.
At birth, a subtle stillness dies,
A new companion takes his place,
To rise and rise he ever tries,
A zest for more lies in his face.
Until his body lies entombed,
He will seek ever for a peace-
This thing sublime, without a wound,
Will find him when his senses ease.
Beyond this point we cannot know,
A journey new must now be told.
© Jerusalemrising
Written March 24, 2006

Friday, November 24, 2006

105 The Fallen Soldier

The dreaded foe arises to his height,
The greatest woe, the soldier prostrate lies,
A dagger to the heart in all his might,
The devil’s fiery dart he does despise-
For refuge does he flee, to dull the pain,
The devil laughs with glee to see his loss,
He wallows deep, afraid to face the stain,
He kneels to weep, prepared to face the cost.
Yet softest light, betrays the evil snare,
A newer fight will cripple horrid beast,
The soldier’s woe forgot, he joins the fair,
All evil’s pow’r for nought, down falls the beast!
The light awaits the call, in silence lies,
‘Til he who knows the fall for vic’try cries!
© Jerusalemrising
Written November 24, 2006