Friday, November 24, 2006

105 The Fallen Soldier

The dreaded foe arises to his height,
The greatest woe, the soldier prostrate lies,
A dagger to the heart in all his might,
The devil’s fiery dart he does despise-
For refuge does he flee, to dull the pain,
The devil laughs with glee to see his loss,
He wallows deep, afraid to face the stain,
He kneels to weep, prepared to face the cost.
Yet softest light, betrays the evil snare,
A newer fight will cripple horrid beast,
The soldier’s woe forgot, he joins the fair,
All evil’s pow’r for nought, down falls the beast!
The light awaits the call, in silence lies,
‘Til he who knows the fall for vic’try cries!
© Jerusalemrising
Written November 24, 2006

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