Friday, June 27, 2008

The Voice Upon the Breeze

Upon this night, the clearest ever seen,
Upon the mist, unknown by senses keen,
A floating wind now passeth through the soul,
A waking breeze ignites a deadened coal,
A blazing soul hears mysteries untold,
As spirit burns anew, no longer cold!
A myriad of voices indistinct,
Still travels through the air, but somehow linked
To nature's purpose, our unending quest
To ere decipher better from the best.
This wisdom deep within the soul now wakes,
As spirits speak the ground within me shakes,
Such beauty ne're confined to speech so plain,
To utter meanings vast t'would be in vain!
The starlit moonlight ever shows its rays,
The cry of deepest sorrow ne're decays,
Yet on the silent curtain of the breeze
Lies wisest knowledge in between the trees.
The voice of him who traveled here and there,
The voice of all mankind upon the air,
Speaks in a tongue not known to modest Earth,
And still its meaning holds the utmost worth.
What bitter longings of the ages past,
Have echoed in your mind unto the last,
The farthest knowledge you can know, surpassed!
There lies the glory of what now is past!
For here, among our family and friends,
A longing of the past begins and ends,
For as the poet Homer sang the song,
I, with my pen, for beauty toil long.
And as Prince Hector longed for glory's peace,
Each man alive, does strive for honor sweet.
This now does melancholy claim as hers,
This spirit of the past, benign and curse,
For with the wisdom of the ages past
Does come sweet sorrow to the very last.
Alas, to feel the grief of those long gone,
Or listen to the dead's immortal song,
Does rise a pity sorrowful and true,
To think, this even may be said of you.
For as I read the Elegy's true words,
I feel ideas of old take flight as birds.
I, like to Grey, have reverence for the past,
And we must ever hope that this will last.
For when our words are sung in time afar,
To them we are as distant as that star.
To think, how will the airy voices sound,
When my soul joins them, rising from the ground?
To hear the whispers faint that I will bring,
It will, perhaps, incite a man to sing
And speak again of voices in the breeze,
Of mankind's voice in air among the trees.
-April 10, 2006

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