Sunday, July 1, 2007

II Scire Non Scire Cur Est

(To Know Is Not To Know Why)
While science is the cure for many ills,
It answers not the fundamental “why?”
That query set by Grand Eternal Quills
Is questioned now and will be by and by.
What purpose has a strand of DNA,
If not to be the building-block of life?
But why this is to be brings great dismay,
When such a goal is not applied to life.
The purposes which set our reaching goals
Are not derived from how the body works.
But rather they must land upon our souls,
Delivered by Philosophy through Works*.
No scientific thought can claim to say
Why Man must live his life from day to day.
- Vir Cogitans Americanus
Scribit Dies XXVII Maii, Anno Domini MMVII

* Grand works of great thinkers and Religious writers

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