Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Cupiditas Idonea

(Fit passion)
Afore the age of thinking man began,
A sensual desire filled his soul,
Yet though to ev’ry woman, all men ran,
They found their rapture never to be whole!
Then Founders struck the seeds of newer age,
They found the way to make the boy a Man,
They molded noble men from age to age,
Their passion geared from petty to Divine!
Yet lately modern man unleashed the beast-
To find the glory and the vigor lost.
For passion caged becomes a noble beast,
And whim indulged becomes a passion lost!
If love is to be worthless, treat it such
To be divine, denial is a must.
- Vir Cogitans Americanus
Scribit Dies XXVI Maii, anno Domini MMVII

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