Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Law: the Scientific Boredom

At Jericho they circled walls of stone,
With risen staff they saw the ocean rise,
And yet they doubted not the flesh and bone,
But marveled at the God who ruled the skies.
At Bethlehem the Cause became effect,
At Calvary their very Maker died,
And yet for Caesar did they genuflect,
Refusing to, in charity, confide.
Yet when an apple falls toward the earth,
And when a rock makes cities into straw,
They trust their very senses for the truth,
Proclaiming that these constitute a law.
Men trust their power, doubting all beside,
So faith and wonder bow before their pride.
-Tyler William O’Neil
-July 22, 2009

1 comment:

Michael said...

NIce idea there. Not a bad poem at all. It's always interesting to see what type of person writes good poetry.