Wednesday, January 31, 2007

140 The Pain of Life

Old Nietzsche wrote of those who preach the death-
He ever spoke to show their foolishness,
Yet also did he speak of higher breath,
And greater life first seeks a death of less.
The preachers well convey the pain of life,
For each and ev’ry day the battles wage,
‘Tis in a man, or out that reigns the strife,
He cannot stand for loss or creeping age.
But Nietzsche spoke of newer men to come-
A life unbroke by strife and painful hue.
And yet we must transcend our present home
Our horrid lives must end, to live anew.
The soul can be reborn to newer life,
Yet first it must be torn to rip the strife.
© Jerusalemrising (Tyler O’Neil)
Written January 31, 2007

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